Work with me

When you want to optimize your video results, get feedback and personal tips, there are two easy ways to work with me:
in person via Zoom or a DYI course.

Video Strategy call €99,-

Gain confidence on camera, know how to handle your content and start creating videos that really connect with your audience, so they know-like-trust you and want to work with you.
This is a one-hour Zoom session that is recorded.

Create Awesome Videos  €197,-

This 10-day course will give you tools and techniques for confidence, mindset, content and tech. Avoid the common mistakes people make, and find the easiest way to make videos without worrying about background, tech or autocue. You'll know how to make your videos calm and confident, in a way that captures your audience. You'll get feedback in the Facebook group that comes with the course as well as having the opportunity to practice going live in a safe space.