Sneak Peek

For this book, I've interviewed experts around their topic and experience in front of the camera.
Here, you can get a sneak peek of each of the interviews.
The full interviews are available when you buy the book. Here you can take a look behind the scenes already. 

Looking through the lens of... Paul Greene
Paul is a Father, Actor/director, Musician, Podcast host, Mindset & health strategist. You can follow him on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube, Spotify and iTunes.

In the interview, Paul shares many tips and insights from working in front of the camera as a model, actor and trainer. He has a special way of connecting through the lens and shares different tips to get more comfortable in a playful way, and use breathing & mindset techniques.
Check out his work via this link

Looking through the lens of... Rayna Campbell
Rayna is a Flow mindset coach, actor, director, screenwriter and producer. She has been an artist and creative all her life and helps artists create more success for their own lives and careers.

In the interview, Rayna gives insight about the difference from standing behind the lens as producer and in front as an actor. And how different it was to create videos for her own business, with savvy tips how to handle live interviews on camera!
Check out her work via this link.

Looking through the lens of... Pete Scott
Pete is the founder of the Ultimate Sales Academy. He has many years of experience in corporate consulting and online business training when it comes to genuine sales.

In the interview, Pete gives insight about how sales does not have to be scary. What you can do to get more comfortable on camera and how you can use videos and webinars the right way to promote your service or course!
Check out his work via this link.

Looking through the lens of... Helen Pritchard
Helen is CEO of [Helen Pritchard Online] where she helps business owners get leads through LinkedIn and helps overwhelmed business owners get clarity through The Business Mastermind.

In the interview, Helen tells more about her £99 offer strategy, that is a quick and powerful way to gain confidence & cash. And tips on how best to do live videos. And: The more video you do, the more money you make!
Check out her work via this link.

Looking through the lens of... Sunu Philip
Sunu is well-known as the Lead Magnet Lady. She's inspired hundreds of entrepreneurs to grow their business with lead magnets. Her camera presence is very uplifting and always makes me smile.

In the interview, Sunu tells more about her journey with videos, and gives us insight in the different ways we can use video to either promote or create a lead magnet. She also shares about her reservations at first because of her accent.
Check out her work via this link.

Looking through the lens of... Johnny Walker
Johnny is the owner of 'Get Found, Get Hired', and helps six-figure income earners find the executive job of their dreams without having to sell themselves.

In the interview, Johnny talks about the importance of knowing how to nail a video-interview, now that we do these mostly online. As well as tips and insights for making videos and the importance of keeping mistakes in as well. "You can't edit it out of life either".
Check out his work via this link.

Looking through the lens of... Lisa Barry
Lisa is the founder of Mission Led Content. She combines her years of experience as a teacher, coach and writer and inspires entrepreneurs to be courageously visible.

In the interview, Lisa tells more about how knowing your mission helps you create content that resonates with your ideal audience. Everything starts with knowing where you are and where you want to be. She's all about a conscious, curious and mindful approach.
Check out her work via this link.

Looking through the lens of... Gijs Weenink
Gijs is CEO of the Debating Academy, trainer and moderator. For the past 30 years he's led debates in companies, at events in different countries. He's written three books in Dutch, one is in English too.

In the interview, Gijs talks about how he was able to bring his business online, after losing it all over the course of three days. He shares many tips on how to be charismatic on camera and best show up during online meetings.
Check out his work via this link.

Looking through the lens of... Zoe Wongsam
Zoe is the co-owner of Hepburn & Hughes, creator of stylish jewelry made from upcycled historical memorabilia. She has a background in business and finance, and combines this in her eCommerce store.

In the interview, Zoe talks about her journey with getting comfortable on camera. At first, she did not use videos at all, yet she grew her business on LinkedIn, with videos being an important element. She also shares tips on how to best prepare for making product videos.
Check out her work via this link.