Elsewine Rietveld is a confidence trainer and former deer in headlights when it comes to public speaking and speaking on camera.

Her big vision is to inspire 10.000+ professionals with her book Get Comfortable on Camera. So they dare to be visible and share their message, knowledge and inspiration with their clients, creating a snowball effect of positivity.

She knows very well what it’s like to feel uncomfortable on camera. She was so terrified to record her first video, that she walked straight out of the room where the camera was set up. This and her fear of public speaking led to a journey of following courses, training, debating and presence work. This method changed the game for her. She’s been training with it for years and her clients literally said "I feel like you have gold here".

Since 2013 Elsewine has been training professionals to speak with confidence in conversations, presentations and on video. She has worked with CEOs, managers and employees from among others KPMG, Afas, KLM, TU Delft, TNO, Rabobank, Deloitte, local governments, various law firms and close to a thousand business owners.

Her happy place is on top of the Swiss mountains, with nothing more than a chocolate bar and a bottle of water, watching the stunning broad view after a steep climb.