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Paul Greene 

Paul is a Father, Actor/director, Musician, Podcast host, Mindset & health strategist. You can follow him on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube, Spotify and iTunes.

Rayna Campbell 

Rayna is a Flow mindset coach, actor, director, screenwriter and producer. She has been an artist all her life and helps artists create more success for their own lives and careers.

Pete Scott 

Pete is the founder of the Ultimate Sales Academy. He has many years of experience in corporate consulting and online business training when it comes to genuine sales.

Helen Pritchard 

Helen is the owner and CEO of “Helen.” where she helps business owners and entrepreneurs get leads through LinkedIn “and other good stuff” such as her Business Program and her own wines.

Sunu Philip 

Sunu is well-known as the Lead Magnet Lady. She's inspired hundreds of entrepreneurs to grow their business with lead magnets. Her camera presence is very uplifting and fun.

Johnny Walker

Johnny is the owner of 'Get Found, Get Hired', and helps six-figure income earners find the executive job of their dreams ny being found on LinkedIn without having to sell themselves.

Lisa Barry 

Lisa is the founder of Mission Led Content. She combines her years of experience as a teacher, coach and writer and inspires entrepreneurs to be courageously visible.

Gijs Weenink

Gijs is CEO of the Debating Academy, trainer, author and moderator. For the past 30 years he's led debates in companies, at events in different countries. 

Zoe Wongsam

Zoe is the co-owner of Hepburn & Hughes, creator of stylish jewelry made from historical memorabilia. She combines her background in business with eCommerce.

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